Coal Express

You have to load the crates of coal on the train with the help of a crane. After this, you will have to drive the train to the warehouse. Be cautious, do not drop any crates as the demands of the boss need to be met at any cost.

Rating: 3.53 [Rate]

COAL EXPRESS - Comments:
hussnain (8 May 2013):
not fun Sad
naifish (2 July 2012):
very nic game play and se
chrissy101 (13 June 2012):
its whatever Wave
pgp (9 June 2012):
veary good game
                          by pgp rascol
lozza (8 June 2012):
great fun aint it  Clap hands
vivek (4 May 2012):
nice game boss
dododa (30 December 2011):
Great fun! Happy  Sad
Josh1 (29 November 2011):
great game
danny lova (16 October 2011):
so easy Happy
Ollie (23 June 2011):
= Cool
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