City Drifters

Through this game of city drifters, you have to compete in a high octane race around the Streets of Tokyo city. Try to be the first one to finish three laps around this circuit. Be alert and avoid damage from collisions. Make use of your nitros to blaze past your adversaries at the opportune moment. The arrow keys are to be used to steer, put brakes and also to accelerate. The spacebar is the nitro.

Rating: 2.89 [Rate]

yolverit (18 June 2013):
Clap hands  Wink  love it
stella1234 (21 February 2013):
my coment  is that I just joined this and I don't know how to play
Neeraj yadav (22 September 2012):
I want to play a car game
samruddhi mane (20 September 2012):
brad (5 September 2012):
narendra (21 July 2012):
it's too late starting the game............
pratap (3 July 2012):
owwo nice and boring game
Angel   beauty (29 March 2012):
Angel  beauty   the  game  is  so   easy Wink Wink
abdullah (20 March 2012):
far (3 March 2012):
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