Freeway Fury

Freeway Fury game is packed with action and adventure. Speed down the highway, press LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to steer, press DOWN to jump to the roof, DOWN again to enter a car. You will not be able to move away from it :)

Rating: 3.69 [Rate]

FREEWAY FURY - Comments:
CoolKid143 (21 September 2012):
i like this game its very cool
dasymae110 (25 August 2012):
love it and like it
supraja (24 May 2012):
Ti is simply superb. Happy
supraja (24 May 2012):
This is a very nice game.
I liked it a lot Happy
road king (14 May 2012):
nice game man Wave
pradeep (11 May 2012):
all is well
marisol (22 April 2012):
best game ever!! Happy  Happy
zakybwoi999 (14 February 2012):
this si a sick game Cool
zakybwoi999 (14 February 2012):
umar ur wrong this gan=me is woth the time u spend on it Cool
marisol (16 January 2012):
awesome game Happy
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