Lose the Heat

In this game you are being chased by the police very narrowly. You have to escape. The time is ripe to lose heat. The local bar patrons will be useful, you can pick up missions from them. Try to avoid the police as you head towards your specified destination. Your progress through the level is demonstrated by the finishing line icon in the right part of the screen. Run through the spot highlighted in orange to create obstacles for the one engaged in pursuing you. Use the arrow keys to move the X to a rear view and C to handbrake. Itís fun playing this game. Saving your skin!!

Rating: 3.50 [Rate]

LOSE THE HEAT - Comments:
TINI (26 March 2013):
is a beadiful game! Cool
sarvesh23car (28 April 2012):
I love this game.howevery made it should add more mission.also it should
the Natial game
sophiegirl (30 March 2012):
i love this game  Wave  Happy
tiera mapp (21 July 2011):
i love this games
bilal11 (14 June 2011):
city drifters perfect
Ollie (24 April 2011):
a good game were u can lose the cops and get to kill them in a truley great mission!  Cool  Cool  Happy
pyro (19 January 2011):
it`s a gud game but takes time to load
johannah (10 October 2010):
ahmed ur stupid man
jady (7 October 2010):
i like Lose the heat it is funnn Clap hands  Wave  Happy
ahmed shah (25 September 2010):
it`s gud game for acha log ka liya
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