Tic Tac Toe

Get three X's or O's in a line to win.

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TIC TAC TOE - Comments:
Sanju (4 January 2015):
hey my Score is 10 and computer's score is 5 Computer doesn't know how to play
Lolzzz  Happy  Happy
TINI (27 March 2013):
DCRUSHR (11 May 2012):
EASY Cool  Cool
muaaz.mueez@gmail.com (11 February 2012):
stupid ken you are fool...it is very tricky game... Hmm...  Hmm...
Ken (1 February 2011):
Yak! i hate it!!!!!! its sooooo kiddish! stupid fool!!!!!  Wink  Sad  Hmm...  anyways not tooo bad...hehehe.......lol
Ken (29 January 2011):
me too !!!! stacim u right
stacim1999 (14 June 2010):
i love the game tic tac toe it is so much fun.  
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