Ice Road Truckers

Let us drive through the Ice roads! This is a very challenging game and one that is very enjoyable as well. You will have to cross the ice roads and figure out how to handle all the challenges that come your way. There are blocks in the road and there are the snow bears to be considered as well. There are five routes and you need to have a very good control over your keyboard. Make sure that you have that under control at all times and please don't forget to keep your truck in perfect working condition. This is very important. Good luck and have fun!

Rating: 3.70 [Rate]

kinghunter11 (23 September 2012):
i like the the show
danny lova (3 June 2012):
from;danial. the best game
sudharsan.ananth (24 June 2011):
cool game  Wave  Clap hands  Clap hands
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