Valet Parking

Become the parking expert! This game will help you become the best at parking cars and satisfying your customers. You need to have very good skills with your keyboard as this game is one of speed and accuracy. If the car you are parking gets damaged, then you have to pay for the repair work. The game ends when you run out of time or when you run out of money to pay for any damages. Spacebar - Accelerate, D - forward Gear, S - Backward Gear, A - Brake . Rotate the steer wheel with your mouse to control your car.

Rating: 4.22 [Rate]

Abrar (20 May 2012):
Abrar (10 May 2012):
daina (17 February 2012):
this game is very good and inturusting Cool  Wave  Wink (10 January 2012):
i like that game very much but it is very
hard Wink  Sad (9 January 2012):
very nice game like it so much Happy  Wink  Clap hands  Wave (8 January 2012):
i like this game cool awsome good nice briliant Happy  Cool  Wave
izziebabz (16 November 2010):
melanie (10 September 2010):
Sad crap
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