Parking Warrior

Let us get our parking skills together! In this game you need to use the arrow keys to drive your car and maneuver it through traffic. You need to park your car in all the unoccupied spaces in order to complete on level and to go on to the next one. This is going to take some time, however, the most important factor is that you should not crash with other cars, otherwise you lose a life.

Rating: 4.23 [Rate]

Janet236 (16 June 2012):
hi Cool
Janet236 (16 June 2012):
It is fun Cool  Clap hands  Hmm...  Wave
mellypop (13 June 2012):
love it
Happy  Wink  Wave  Clap hands
lozza (9 June 2012):
L.O.V.E       I.T
Janet236 (9 June 2012):
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