The Heist 2

Earn 5 million credits to win the game. Picking out talented specialists isn't the hardest part, it's getting away with all that gold.

Rating: 4.17 [Rate]

THE HEIST 2 - Comments:
kishomac (9 June 2011):
great Cool  Cool
FreakForGames10 (17 May 2011):
how do you get new guns? Sad
FreakForGames10 (16 May 2011):
pretty cool but its sometimes not cool
Umar (8 January 2011):
this is sick man what u takin about
billy345cool (6 August 2010):
rubish Sad  Sad  Sad  Hmm...
megaston120 (31 July 2010):
55% to 5million
bad boy freedom (10 March 2010):
this game is fun  Clap hands
bad boy freedom (7 March 2010):
chelseamad (6 March 2010):
rubbish!!!!! Sad
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