Shopping Cart Hero

Try to make as long jumps as you can to earn more money. With the money you can buy upgrades and make it go higher and longer. Just be careful and land well, only successful jumps and landings will count.

Rating: 4.39 [Rate]

samruddhi mane (22 September 2012):
awesome Cool
mellypop (16 June 2012):
mmme and sis good at dis game
jennifer (28 May 2012):
Happy  Sad  Wink  Clap hands WOW this is the best game ever

DisHEn98 (15 December 2011):
i love it Lol  Cool
izziebabz (20 November 2010):
i like it loll
Simba73 (30 August 2010):
orful man  Hmm...  @  Sad
BloodWolf54321 (27 May 2010):
pritty cool game thats all from ur reviewer BloodWolf54321
BloodWolf54321 (27 May 2010):
this is just pure badass really funny this is like 10/10 awsome from ur (reviwer) BloodWolf54321
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