Kill the bad gays and go trough the levels in this great batman action game. The aim is to pursuit the mysterious Batwomen. Use Left-Right arrow keys to move, Up arrow to jump, Down arrow to dodge, press Ctrl key to punch, and Up arrow + Ctrl key to use jump kick. Press and hold spacebar key to use batrope on gargoyles to climb on the higher buildings. Good luck and try to pass all levels in this great action game.

Rating: 3.08 [Rate]

BATMAN - Comments:
karlos19 (15 November 2012):
coll game Wink  Hmm...  Clap hands
mahad (7 January 2012):
shedrach (26 December 2011):

@  Sad
kiba_04 (11 April 2010):
its too long to start
bad boy freedom (26 February 2010):
boring Happy  Sad  Wink  @  Cool  Wave  Hmm...  Clap hands
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