Sketch Rider

When you start to play this game maybe you will not like the first look of the graphic, but this is great game to play. The aim is to pass all obstacles and get to the finish line in the fastest time as possible. Use arrow keys to navigate and drive your car.

Rating: 4.07 [Rate]

SKETCH RIDER - Comments:
zakybwoi999 (14 February 2012):
i don't know about this game it's kinda anoying
Herbie (6 July 2011):
hmmm i dont realy like it
izziebabz (6 November 2010):
got up to level 9 and then couldnt do it it is ok i suppose
cheerleader (17 September 2010):
this game gets on my nerve! Hmm... Wave
dan992 (4 April 2010):
not too good or  easy
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