Park My Big Rig

The aim is to park the truck into the parking spot within the allowed time. You have 5 lives and avoid crashing into obstacles, it will reduce your lives. Use arrow keys to control your

Rating: 3.49 [Rate]

PARK MY BIG RIG - Comments:
diadiagreen (5 August 2013):
I love this game so much I can play this all day...............................I LOVE THIS FUUUUUUUUUUN GAME
izziebabz (22 November 2010):
it is ok lol
izziebabz (16 November 2010):
ok i guess, GOOD ON YA tacoboy119917!! woop woop
tacoboy119917 (4 July 2010):
me hate it Sad
staci99 (19 January 2010):
this is a FUN game
udbhav (19 December 2009):
very good game
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