Cab Driver

Pickup passengers around the city and deliver them to the destination. When you see some one to call a taxi just park near them and he will enter in the cab. When you pick the passenger just follow the red arrow and stop on the red sign to let the passenger out of the vehicle.

Rating: 4.07 [Rate]

CAB DRIVER - Comments:
DRAKE (23 May 2013):
WR-4249 (2 December 2012):
awesome   game I  never  had. very   easy  game  tttooo Wink  Clap hands  Cool
knight rider (9 September 2012):
@  Happy cool
road king (27 June 2012):
awsome Clap hands
Spoilritz (4 December 2011):
Freakin awesome!!  Happy I'm addicted Clap hands  Wave  Cool
Spoilritz (3 December 2011):
awesome  Clap hands
vicky3 (29 November 2011):
cool  Cool
jady (9 July 2011):
Awesome game
jady (27 March 2011):
this game can teach you how to drive a taxi car. bt its a little boring. Cool  Happy  Wave
pyro (20 January 2011):
cool it`s great. good job dude
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