Formula 1 Champion

This is 3 laps fast Formula 1 racing game. The aim of the game is to finish the race in highest position as you can and enjoy the driving :) Use arrow keys to drive yor formula.

Rating: 3.48 [Rate]

zain7654 (23 December 2009):
whatever this game is cool. you must be dreaming pepole who say i dont like it. get your note of this game. this game is absolutetly excellent. you should like racing. i do.  Wave tut tut tut . and actually it really willnwork pepole who say it really works. you should not say your name when puttinng notes pepole who do that. really you love this game thats good. top comments best out of every single comment except mine. its not i just love racing games that to car. its i just love  car racing games. next time do it right. i have the best comment
Guest (14 November 2009):
hi i'm sipporah i just love racing games that to carrrrrrrr...this is also one of the game that i loved   Clap hands
Guest (11 November 2009):
this game works
Guest (11 November 2009):
i dont like it
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