Offroad Transporter

You have a date tonight and you want to impress her with your newly customized jeep. Each girl will only wait a certain amount of time before she gives up on you, so make sure you get there fast. Each jeep modification can affect your speed, so customizing your jeep correctly is very important.

Rating: 4.42 [Rate]

skan (12 December 2010):
jeep Hmm... can be replacedby a luxury car Wave
stigman98 (11 September 2010):
cool game Happy
Guest (8 November 2009):
Sad not such a good game i do not think that ajeep should be replaced by a ferari enzo 3345
Guest (7 November 2009):
good but want some msic Cool  Cool  Happy  Sad  Wink  Wave  Clap hands
Guest (5 November 2009):
alright game
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