Buggy Run 2

Here comes new part of the Buggy Rung driving game. In this part you need to drive over some military and army obstacles. To be more fun and challenging game some weapons are added that will make your way to the finish much harder. There is a time limit for each level and there will be some bomb throwing copter that will chase you. Use arrow keys to drive your buggy and try to get to the finish line as fast as you can.

Rating: 3.25 [Rate]

BUGGY RUN 2 - Comments:
Ollie (3 May 2011):
it's easy
@  Hmm...
sushanth (21 December 2010):
i love it
sanu (21 August 2010):
boring and mad games
Guest (1 November 2009):
i  love   it
Guest (30 October 2009):
great game, love it... Wink
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