Connect the trolley back to the truck and try to deliver construction goods at the right place. Use arrow keys to control the truck, press Spacebar at any time to connect / disconnect / offload.

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TRUCKSTER - Comments:
izziebabz (9 January 2010):
a pack of bull shit thats wat this is Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Wink  Wink  Wink  @  @  @
udbhav (19 December 2009):
stupid game when loading is done
udbhav (5 December 2009):
loading time hippers me
Guest (17 November 2009):
Cool  Cool cool
Guest (14 November 2009):
aswome game I beat all of you I passed all the levels
Guest (13 November 2009):
shit ok Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
Guest (7 November 2009):
most fun game ever
Guest (7 November 2009):
love game
Guest (1 November 2009):
relly bouring i saw in my life       we dont know how to paly
Guest (1 November 2009):
i dont know how to paly thids game.  by the way not bad however it become bouring sorry,,,, u can try agian to make it good.
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