The Heist

Your task in this game is to take a role of a driver and do some crimes. As you earn credits for those crimes you can persuade a skilled specialist to help with a bigger heist. Don't forget, this is just a game :)

Rating: 4.27 [Rate]

THE HEIST - Comments:
samruddhi mane (6 October 2012):
i luv this game Happy  Cool  Wave  Clap hands
samruddhi mane (6 October 2012):
i lovvveee this game Cool  Wave  Clap hands
dasymae110 (20 August 2012):
Clap hands i love this game
FreakForGames10 (16 May 2011):
This is awesome except sometimes its crap
FreakForGames10 (16 May 2011):
this game is awesome Clap hands except for something Sad why do they make you lose money when you hit a car its just s*hit
Guest (25 October 2009):
i  LOVE   THis  game   it  make  me  happy  
Guest (21 October 2009):
i love this game
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