Jet Ski

Do you have what it takes to burn the waves and cross the finish line? Look at the time, it runs out real fast.

Rating: 3.78 [Rate]

JET SKI - Comments:
arshiyan (3 June 2012):
the game is best
grgagon (23 May 2012):
i love it
moh_rafeeq143 (24 April 2011):
nice very nice game...... Cool
cute (14 June 2010):
okay who here is a male cause i am a female
udbhav (12 March 2010):
Guest (18 November 2009):
it is the greatest Clap hands  Cool  Happy  Wink
Guest (13 November 2009):
cool game
Guest (13 October 2009):
this game is awesome Clap hands  Wave  Cool  Happy
Guest (11 October 2009):
guest sick game Clap hands  Happy  Wink
Guest (9 October 2009):
it rules
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