RvPM Racing

The picnic is nothing if you donít have the best parking place, so in this game the race is for best parking place and best barbeque. Drive your truck and avoid other cars on the road, but pass the Parking sign before your opponent to get best parking place. As you go further in the game and pass levels the road is longer and traffic is bigger. Collect items on the road to get boost o repair your vehicle.

Rating: 3.07 [Rate]

RVPM RACING - Comments:
--AleinX-- (7 July 2012):
it was awesome
nayef (26 October 2010):
this game is really awsome this game is like me for bad boyz ONLY! well girls can play but for the boys bad BOYZ ONLY! like me Clap hands  well who did this game ur a bad boy ur one of the bad  boyzboyz Cool  Wave  Hmm...
Guest (19 October 2009):
yes it is extreme  Happy
Guest (14 October 2009):
tell me about it is a good game
Guest (3 October 2009):
it was a very very nice
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