Park Your Ride 2

You are training to get a new job with a well known Valet Parking company. The driver must pass the following parking/driving tests to earn their valet license.

Rating: 3.37 [Rate]

PARK YOUR RIDE 2 - Comments:
coolvicki123 (27 December 2009):
it is alright Hmm...
Guest (21 September 2009):
what the heck is this game
Guest (17 September 2009):
I hate it. Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Happy  Happy  Happy
Guest (12 September 2009):
i think that it is alright but the cars are 2 fast and no brakes
Guest (8 September 2009):
this game is so awsome make anther one like this but make it number-3 then go on with the numbers
Guest (7 September 2009):
such a stupid game
Guest (23 August 2009):
i kinda like this games but what I hate is the time limit It goes so fast and those cars  like to block you ad those people are in the way sometime and that what Ihate Sad  Cool  Hmm...  Happy
Guest (22 August 2009):
have u played licse oest
Guest (16 August 2009):
this is worst game ever
Guest (14 August 2009):
kool i think Cool  Cool
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