Mario Racing Tournament

Choose your favorite character and try to finish each map in first place.

Rating: 3.85 [Rate]

Guest (29 October 2009):
Clap hands  good but i think it could be better soz
Guest (31 August 2009):
i love this silly game! wooooooh!!!!   Happy
Guest (22 August 2009):
super Cool  Cool
Guest (21 August 2009):
stupid old shit game
garcia12 (10 August 2009):
good for  @  Sad  Wave
Guest (7 August 2009):
acully good but mindly booring
Guest (6 August 2009):
hi how are u peps doing Happy my name is amelia
Umar (29 July 2009):
good for u Wave
Guest (29 July 2009):
hi everyone  my name is breeanna and i
love this guy matthew and we r actually going out Happy  Sad  Wink  Cool
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