18 Wheeler 2

Did you like the first part of this great truck driving game? If yes then you will love this improved version of the game.

Rating: 3.93 [Rate]

18 WHEELER 2 - Comments:
vicky3 (30 November 2011):
i arguee with coolvicki123
Umar (27 September 2010):
its 2010
coolvicki123 (2 January 2010):
well good Happy  Happy  Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool  Cool
Guest (17 November 2009):
when is part 3 comin
Guest (31 October 2009):
i love this game than the other game what gets me on my nervs
Guest (29 October 2009):
Guest (9 October 2009):
belly belly best game Clap hands  Hmm...  Cool  Wave  Wink  Happy
Guest (2 October 2009):
lame as hell
Guest (29 September 2009):
watch me beat this.
Guest (29 September 2009):
im the best
Cool  Wink  Wave  Clap hands  Cool  @
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