Monsta Truck

Drive your monster truck over some hard terrain and pass the levels as fast as you can. But be careful, drive fast but safe, if you wrecked your vehicle you will need to start over from the begging of the level. Use arrow keys to drive and navigate your monster truck, press spacebar to go to the next level or restart that level if you wrecked your vehicle.

Rating: 3.46 [Rate]

MONSTA TRUCK - Comments:
Guest (10 September 2009):
i love this game
Guest (2 August 2009):
Guest (31 July 2009):
love it
Guest (31 July 2009):
ooh this car race it's realy good Clap hands
Guest (22 July 2009):
me three Wave
Guest (15 July 2009):
me tooo Happy
Guest (12 July 2009):
I    LOVE     THIS    
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