The Simpsons - Ball of Death

Drive the bike in the ball of death, try to stay alive and get some points from collecting items inside the ball. Thatís the goal in this game, complete the level and move on in the next one more dangerous. Use arrow keys to control and drive the bike.

Rating: 3.81 [Rate]

karlos19 (10 January 2013):
i love this game Wink Happy
megisy576 (30 August 2012):
whoever siad that its shit shouldnt say that cause there is littler children on this website anyway this game is cool Happy  Wink
young cash $money (1 June 2011):
Cool cool game
Guest (15 November 2009):
i hate this game Sad
Guest (14 November 2009):
its the shitist game ever
Guest (13 November 2009):
its best game on here
Guest (13 November 2009):
i love this game Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Cool
Guest (5 October 2009):
worst game ever man Sad  Sad  Sad
Guest (13 September 2009):
love this games

Guest (11 September 2009):
is it good or bad Hmm...
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