Police Pursuit

Pursue the criminals before the time's up. Lower the energy bar of the suspect vehicle by crashing into it.

Rating: 3.73 [Rate]

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Mina (30 June 2012):
super duper game
frankleen.roy (30 September 2011):
is game good
Ollie (3 May 2011):
it's a good game Cool
dark_poison48@hotmail.com (19 October 2010):
hi sup
fothergill (25 June 2010):
ok Wink
Nykeria (23 January 2010):
this is a ok game! Cool
lilaaron (28 December 2009):
it ddnt come on mine my computer i disabeld
Guest (2 November 2009):
this is ok game Cool  Wink  Wave  Cool  @  Hmm...  Clap hands  Happy  Sad
Guest (31 October 2009):
Guest (31 October 2009):
fine you
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