Hell Cops

Your mission is to guide a four wheeled hell cop car on the way to the end of the level. Crash cars, trucks, run over pedestrians and destroy everything but your car :)

Rating: 3.91 [Rate]

HELL COPS - Comments:
shiplab (12 August 2011):
Child game very well.
Guest (16 November 2009):
this is the best game
Guest (28 October 2009):
man i like it it is  so wicked
Guest (7 October 2009):
good game
Guest (28 September 2009):
BEST GAME EVER!I recomend it to any1 Happy  Clap hands  Cool  Wink  @
Guest (28 September 2009):
omg this is such a good game i dont ever wont to stop playin' Happy
Guest (26 August 2009):
this game is best game i have ever played. i love this games i wish that this computer was mine i would play this game ever day. Cool
Guest (25 August 2009):
garcia12 (10 August 2009):
best game ever so play it Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Hmm...  @  Happy  Wink
Guest (10 August 2009):
this game rocks !!!11
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