BMX Master

An excellent BMX Game where you can ride a cool bike and perform mad tricks. You can play Championship mode where you have to earn 500 point to proceed to the next level. In the Time attack mode you have to earn as many points as possible within one minute. Use Arrow keys to navigate and 1-8 keys to perform stunts.

Rating: 3.98 [Rate]

BMX MASTER - Comments:
hottgirlforever222 (27 September 2012):
It was very very awsome  Cool
DCRUSHR (9 June 2012):
this game is basically   the same thing to  The-Simpsons-BMX-game
Guest (5 November 2009):
yeah is cool
Guest (17 October 2009):
Guest (13 October 2009):
Clap hands  great game it rocks
Guest (10 August 2009):
very awesome
m.blount@Ruffner (27 July 2009):
nice Cool
Guest (25 July 2009):
its crap never go on it Sad
lifesoreal11 (2 July 2009):
it is cool dude Wave  Cool  Clap hands
Guest (29 June 2009):
VERY VERY COOL DUDES  Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy  Wink
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