Unicycle Challenge

Try to balance your unicycle while avoiding the juggling balls. Move your mouse from side to side - the wheel of the unicycle will follow. To jump, hold down and then release the spacebar. The jump meter indicates how high you'll jump when you release the spacebar. While you are in the air you cannot tilt the unicycle or change your direction, so make sure you're fairly straight before jumping.
1.Don't tip over too far, or you'll fall off
2.Dodge the juggling balls that roll across your path

Rating: 2.50 [Rate]

Jonathan01 (2 February 2012):
This game is funny Happy
bad boy freedom (7 March 2010):
not hard to me. Cool
Guest (18 September 2009):
it's a fun game Happy  Cool  Cool  Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Hmm...
Aei-Kae-Aei (30 June 2009):
This game is really hard.
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