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Test Drive - Car Racing Games

Test Drive

Get in the new model of future vehicle and test his abilities on the hard road. Try to drive the vehicle on the ramps, make some cool jumps and driving on the dangerous road. You just need to reach the end of the level and go to the next one. But be careful, on some places on the road there is dangerous object like sharp obstacle, donít hit them or you will lose one life per hit. Use the arrow key to control the vehicle.

Rating: 4.13 [Rate]

TEST DRIVE - Comments:
Umar (4 January 2011):
what language is it in hoodow voodow Hmm...
Guest (6 November 2009):
i agree wit u guys it ok but not da best Hmm...
george32724966 (12 August 2009):
i hate this game
Guest (10 August 2009):
not a very good game and it only has 2 levels you can complete the game in less than 1 minute Hmm...
Guest (30 July 2009):
wo0o0o0o0o0o0ow  good game
Guest (21 July 2009):
This Game ****s it only has 2 levels and 1 cool car and that is the damn truck
Guest (18 July 2009):
nice but i dont know  Hmm...  Clap hands  Wave  Cool  Happy  Sad  Wink
Guest (18 June 2009):
how do you start playing the game???
Guest (16 June 2009):
tihis is not the best on this game site but it is fun
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