London Bus

Use the arrow keys to move the bus press space bar to brake. Move trough traffic and park at the stop sign. Avoid turning quickly. Turning at the high speeds or braking suddenly will cause people to fall out.

Rating: 3.59 [Rate]

LONDON BUS - Comments:
mih2817 (13 December 2013):
this game is better than every game
laura456 (5 September 2013):
this game is quite hard to be honest  Sad
preetygyal (19 September 2012):
sooooo boring uhhhhhh its the same thing as the other london bus
bhupesh (14 August 2012):
it is so boring
Alisha (22 July 2012):
hello everyone
Alisha (22 July 2012):
im goinn 2 play thiz games
is thiz easy or hard
dejah12 (19 July 2012):
i like this game Happy  Wink
jennifer (27 May 2012):
Sad hate game
arun v (8 April 2012):
its nither too hard nor too easy Clap hands  Happy  Wave
arun v (8 April 2012):
easy pasy Cool  Clap hands
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