Buggy Run

Drive your baggy thru the desert mine field and try to get to the finish line before you lost all your health and destroy your vehicle. Use arrow keys to drive your buggy and press spacebar key to jump over some dangerous places and mines. You can use some mines to jump even higher but be careful to land well.

Rating: 3.44 [Rate]

BUGGY RUN - Comments:
ncaskey1015 (21 September 2013):
I have not played it yet but I know I will LOVE IT!!  Cool
Guest (8 September 2009):
awesome Cool  Clap hands  Hmm...
Guest (7 August 2009):
Hmm...  the game is cool
Guest (21 June 2009):
this game is ausome Cool  Clap hands  Hmm...  @  Happy  Sad  Wink  Wave
Guest (6 June 2009):
my little brother is 4 and he plays it with me and he can play it Happy
Guest (19 May 2009):
I second that motion Happy
maddison (18 May 2009):
its solong to load and my comments dont usually come up on here
nikta1334 (17 May 2009):
It takes time ere as well
Guest (15 May 2009):
Cool i love this game its awesome the only game not filtered at school lmao
Guest (10 March 2009):
Cool its cool but the loading is very very very long
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