Crazy Cars

This is cool game with a simple goal. You need to collect the money on the street without get hit by other vehicles on the road. Also you must avoid other obstacles line cones and oil spills. Try to collect as much money as you can, and pass as much levels as you can in this great driving game. The levels will go up automatically as you collect money and go forward.

Rating: 3.00 [Rate]

CRAZY CARS - Comments:
lauz (12 September 2010):
Its like the frogger but wi6h.
lauz (12 September 2010):
love it its the best iv ever seen hope theres some more games like that if there isant i will go mad haha only jocking i bet you thought that i was teling the truff diddnt you
Guest (5 November 2009):
Guest (13 August 2009):
Cool this is a cool game but a first a little boring Clap hands
cglover3 (21 July 2009):
wont let me play
Guest (10 July 2009):
I don,t like this game Sad  Hmm...
Guest (4 June 2009):
this game is hard but like to play it
Guest (23 May 2009):
No it's not   it's just because you can't play
Guest (11 April 2009):
Clap hands hey can any one got good level like over level 4
Guest (22 March 2009):
this game stink the worse game ever  
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