Rural Racer

This is cool and not easy racing game to play. Drive around the track and beat your opponent in 8 lap's race. Use the arrow keys to drive the car and spacebar to use the turbo for extra speed, but the track is hard to drive and turbo can stuck you into the wall, and you will get extra speed crash, so be careful when you press the turbo button.

Rating: 3.66 [Rate]

RURAL RACER - Comments:
Guest (25 October 2009):
Sadits rubbish thats all Ican say
Guest (18 July 2009):
get with you but you what to live with me
Guest (17 July 2009):
i HATE this game
Guest (16 July 2009):
Wave  Sad peice of crap
Guest (16 July 2009):
this shit is boring
Guest (18 June 2009):
ok not the best game Sad
Guest (17 December 2008):
wot a rubbish game, its sooooooo borin! Sad
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