Taxi Gone Wild

Great driving game and racing against the clock. You need to find best way to finish the level before time runs out and move on the next one. All you need to do is to avoid incoming cars and drive fast to pass the checkpoint to pass the level. Use arrow keys to change tracks and press spacebar key to jump over the cars. But you need to have good speed to make successful jumps. Good luck and enjoy playing.

Rating: 3.65 [Rate]

TAXI GONE WILD - Comments:
Spoilritz (21 April 2012):
cool dude Cool
izziebabz (9 January 2010):
luv you all and luv this gae to!! Btw me names izzie and i am a girl xx Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink
Guest (6 November 2009):
elle Happy this game is good i love playing it but i carnt play ti any more x
Guest (16 October 2009):
this game is boring because the time goes really really fast Hmm...
Guest (29 September 2009):
this game is good Clap hands
Guest (27 September 2009):
this game is good Wave  Wave  Wave  Cool  @  Happy  Hmm...
Guest (8 September 2009):
this is so cool
Guest (31 August 2009):
well im a girl to and this sight it great its actually awesome lol Wink  Wave  Happy
Guest (30 August 2009):
Clap hands  Clap hands  This game is aright we its fun :D:D .. Happy  Happy  Wink
Guest (17 August 2009):
this game is okay. I guess. but i hate it whn i crash.DUH Happy  Sad  Wink  Wave  Cool  @  Hmm...  Clap hands
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