Car Park Chaos

This is one great parking game. All you need to do is to park the cars as they come to the parking. For each car there will be market place with red flashing color. You need to drive the car and park it good to get some money. If you hit the obstacles and other vehicles you will loose some money. Use arrow keys to drive the cars.

Rating: 3.52 [Rate]

CAR PARK CHAOS - Comments:
lottie (24 February 2013):
i <3 this game its sooooo addicting Cool  Clap hands
muhammad anas (13 May 2012):
Hmm...  Cool  @ I like this game
vicky3 (3 December 2011):
alright  Sad
melanie (11 September 2010):
crap Sad
stigman98 (30 August 2010):
this game is sooooo boring
yo-yo619 (14 May 2010):
this game ****s badly my friend always killed someone Happy  Cool
izziebabz (9 January 2010):
crap games dont play it @  @  @  @  Wink  Sad  Hmm...
Guest (17 November 2009):
this game works
beth (9 October 2009):
it is kinda hard to comtroll but it is good
Guest (18 September 2009):
wow this game blows me away god i can not beleve it the best game ever created  lol Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool  Cool  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wink  Wink  Happy  Happy
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