Sled Bash

Aliens come to our planet and they want to have some fun on the snow. Select the race track and start the race and snowball fight against other aliens and try to get in the spaceship first. On the race you need to drive well and shoot the other racers with snowballs to slow them down. But be careful, they will shoot back to you, so you need to avoid obstacles and snowballs. Use W,A,S and D key to drive, press spacebar key to use speed boost, and aim and shoot using your mouse.

Rating: 3.58 [Rate]

SLED BASH - Comments:
Josh1 (5 December 2011):
Is it me or is the uphill just the same course as downhill but just the other way round
start spaceship ---- finish spaceship
finish spaceship ---- start spaceship
Guest (7 August 2009):
even babies wouldn't play this shit Sad
Guest (15 November 2008):
hey what is this doing on my computer ha ha ha joking i like the smiles
Guest (30 October 2008):
what is up
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