Formula Fun

Get in the Formula1 car and race to pass 50 race cars as fast as you can and earn some points to get a signature place on the wall with the names of best players for this game. Drive fast and overtake other cars but don't hit them from behind, if you do so you will loose 10 points for each hit. But if you in passing position and hit the opponent's car from the side you will get points for that hit.

Rating: 2.65 [Rate]

FORMULA FUN - Comments:
Solitary man (19 December 2010):
stigman98 (30 August 2010):
cool game Happy  Happy
Guest (30 May 2009):
good race . I love this race Happy
Guest (12 November 2008):
rubbish Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad
christopher 3 (30 October 2008):
can u play f1 games for acct thanks
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