Trolley Racer

This is one not ordinary racing game. This is the race with the trolley market basket. Sit inside and drive on the road racing with the time. Yu need to pass the checkpoints but stay on curse, pass all checkpoints one by one in a row as they come, do not go off road or you will lose the row for checkpoints. Get the green items and avoid red once. Use arrow keys to drive and control your trolley 'car'.

Rating: 4.03 [Rate]

danny lova (24 March 2012):
iplay this games like want to die
Oluwamueyitomiwa (16 September 2011):
i like  the game but the time is to short
abidurahman (26 August 2011):
worst game ever Sad  Sad
o.n.d aka (2 January 2011):
this games ramming
V.P.T SAINTROLLERS (29 August 2010):
all da way to derby shit
Guest (3 November 2009):
Guest (6 September 2009):
this game is so bad i want to piok  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad
Guest (7 August 2009):
if u think this shit  iz the best give me a   Happy
Guest (29 July 2009):
nice game
Guest (26 July 2009):
THIS GAMe is so omg cool  Cool
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