Jeep Big Adventure

Do you like great jeep adventures, to drive on the hard terrain and roads? This is great game of that kind of races. You will race against the time and you need to collect all items on the road as fast as you can and get to the finish line. Use arrow keys to drive and press spacebar key if you need to brake hard. Just follow the red arrow on the screen and you will be great, just drive fast and pass all levels in this great game.

Rating: 3.36 [Rate]

lildiaz (8 April 2012):
my favorite Cool  Happy  Wave
udbhav (16 October 2010):
the skill game Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool
the.billioniare (2 January 2010):
it's good Happy
udbhav (11 November 2009):
best  &    coolest game in the world Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool
Guest (3 November 2009):
Amazing game i will rock it 18---18
Guest (4 October 2009):
it is nice Wink
Guest (25 August 2009):
Cool  Happy i like it i think its cool
Guest (23 August 2009):
yes ilove you
Guest (8 August 2009):
its the best game i have played in my life.
Guest (8 August 2009):
cool gameCool
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