Speed Racer

You will race against 19 opponents and you need to be the best driver and finish on the first place to go on and race in the next race. Collect the candy on the road to get more points in the end of the race, and be sure to get the repair tool to repair your car from the damage. The most important thing is that you need to stay on the road, if you go out and fall from the high mountains the game will over. Use the arrow keys to drive your speed car.

Rating: 4.16 [Rate]

SPEED RACER - Comments:
Guest (10 November 2009):
Love this game.
Guest (4 November 2009):
an awesome game
Guest (22 October 2009):
i am to fast on car
Guest (6 September 2009):
iv never been in the top 5 but it's cool
george32724966 (11 August 2009):
i always lose it is not far
george32724966 (10 August 2009):
i lose i do like this game
Guest (28 July 2009):
i wand to paly speed racer now
Guest (20 July 2009):
good game'
Guest (19 July 2009):
cool and hard game  Cool
Guest (17 July 2009):
hmm okay game not best 3/5
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