Chevy Track Challenge

Do you want to test new car from Chevrolet Car Company? Drive the new car on the great prepared streets and try to pass thru the finish line as fast as you can. Be careful on the hard curves and some hard terrain can slow you down. Use arrow keys to drive. Stay as much as you can on the road and donít hit the car into the walls, itís a brand new car.

Rating: 3.59 [Rate]

BloodWolf54321 (20 May 2010):
Not bad thats all i am sayin
Guest (26 October 2009):
its boring
Guest (2 October 2009):
hel guest !!! your bresast are big Happy  Cool
Guest (2 October 2009):
best game . hi all guest ........ Happy  Happy  Happy
Guest (13 August 2009):
Sad this game was very disipointing 4 me
Guest (7 August 2009):
Sad  Clap hands  Hmm... it is really slow i am in jamaica the conntion is lime ijust was i was in england it would be much quickker Hmm...  Hmm...
lifesoreal11 (2 July 2009):
i know it dose get boring at first Cool  Clap hands
Guest (5 June 2009):
Wave this is a well cool game
Guest (5 April 2009):
it took 3 min to start
Iram (23 March 2009):
this games is okay but then it gets boring and slower and to make it better you need to make it more diffcult and more levels and harder then this game would be better okay so listen to me and change it and make it better
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