Park A Lot 2

In this great game you need to park the cars from the people who come to use the parking. Use the arrow keys to move and drive, walk near by the car and you will enter inside and start driving. The man will tell you at what number of the parking you need to park his car, after you park the car press spacebar to get out of the car. When people want to go from the parking you need to deliver their cars on the exit position, he will automatically enter and drive, so you just need to get the car near Exit. For all cars that will leave the parking you will get money. Collect as many coins as you can in this funny and great game.

Rating: 3.78 [Rate]

PARK A LOT 2 - Comments:
Guest (31 October 2009):
I Think There should be more levels coz theres only 2 and i completed them in about 5 minutes. This Game Is Cool  Cool   Clap hands and very shit aswell Hmm...  Sad
deanne256 (9 October 2009):
this game is not good for kid
Guest (26 September 2009):
cool game i`v won all level Wave  Clap hands  Hmm...  Happy  Wink
Guest (22 August 2009):
Love it  Happy
Guest (17 July 2009):
rubbish  Sad  Happy
Guest (16 July 2009):
omg its crap Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
Guest (16 June 2009):
i saw at free lunch Clap hands  Wave  Wink
Guest (30 May 2009):
Clap hands it was very good
Guest (9 April 2009):
Guest (8 April 2009):
dis is not guest dis is asma n i lik car games very much
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