Quick Park

In Quick Park game you can test your parking skills and driving. Try to park at many places as you can within 80sec of time. There are a few obstacles that you must evade on the parking so try to not hit them or hit them but be careful because your car will turn a little bit from the position if you hit the obstacles. Use the arrow keys to drive, brake and go reverse. Good luck and park as many places as you can.

Rating: 3.13 [Rate]

QUICK PARK - Comments:
melanie (10 September 2010):
some @
Guest (11 November 2009):
it is ok
Guest (9 November 2009):
awesome! Clap hands
Guest (26 October 2009):
this game works
chelseamad (26 October 2009):
this game is a peace of shit no one can win
Guest (12 September 2009):
this is shit.
Guest (6 September 2009):
its GOOD
Guest (23 August 2009):
This game is pretty much hard Wave  Sad  Happy
Guest (11 August 2009):
that game is crap Sad
Guest (4 June 2009):
is sortof shit man
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