Docking Perfection

This is great parking game with nice parking places and positions of parking. Park the boat on the market place on the dock and pass all levels without hitting other boats or obstacles. Use arrow keys to navigate and down arrow to go reverse and brake as much is possible when you in the speedboat.

Rating: 3.81 [Rate]

arun v (8 April 2012):
so boring Sad
tacoboy119917 (1 January 2011):
now this game is a piece of s!@%
stigman98 (30 August 2010):
this is cool to play you should play it your self Happy
divacapri (16 July 2010):
i love this game.. Clap hands  Clap hands
tacoboy119917 (19 June 2010):
i think this is a piece of crap game
Guest (31 October 2009):
i hate it it is a piece of crap!!!!                
beth (2 October 2009):
alfie lovs me woow an dthis game is hard lol
beth (1 October 2009):
i actually think this can be a hard games i lov alfie and he lovs me
Guest (21 September 2009):
Guest (19 September 2009):
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