Extreme Racing 2

Get in the racing car and finish the race without gets crashed. Evade the cars and oil on the road by going left and right, use the arrow keys to do that. Finish the race placing your best time, successfully evade cars will give you bonus speed, so drive careful and win the race.

Rating: 3.02 [Rate]

EXTREME RACING 2 - Comments:
moh_rafeeq143 (27 April 2011):
dark_poison48@hotmail.com (15 October 2010):
make this home
Guest (9 November 2009):
It's very nice game
ponyok017 (19 October 2009):
it was a stupid game @  Hmm...
ponyok017 (19 October 2009):
i thing i'm not going to play this game enymore
Guest (21 September 2009):
fantastic game  Clap hands
Guest (12 September 2009):
Guest (21 August 2009):
to easy
Guest (1 August 2009):
Cool stupid loadn bu gud (:

Guest (25 July 2009):
this is so good who mean this i what he make one for me to
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