GooseHead Drag Racing

This is a great Drag racing game. You will drive one of the fastest race cars for this kind of speed races. Try to win the races and drive thru the finish line before your opponent. Use the UP and Down arrow key to change gear up and down, press spacebar key to accelerate but press on time when the green lights appear. After you pass the finish line press X-key to brake and C-key to open the parachute. Braking before the last obstacle will save your money backhouse if you crash you must pay for repair the car and prepare for the next race. For more help see the instruction in the game.

Rating: 3.50 [Rate]

GOOSEHEAD DRAG RACING - Comments: (24 October 2009):
hey 2 all
Guest (9 October 2009):
Contest to see who can get that fastest time BE HONEST!!

Guest (14 February 2009):
this game is the best and cool Cool
Guest (17 January 2009):
how can u win?
Guest (29 December 2008):
Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy VERRY HAPPY
Guest (29 December 2008):
Guest (9 November 2008):
drag raceing is the best
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