Fugitive Takedown

In this game you can choose to be Police officer or bad guy, depend of what you like more. In Police mode you can select time-trial or pursuit, try to catch the bad guy who terrorize the city chasing him around the maps, collecting the marks on the roads you can speed up or place a roadblock of Police cars to help you. If you select the Hit and Run mode you will be the bad guy and you need to terrorize the citizens. Choose a side and start fugitive takedown. Use the left and right arrow keys to turn, X-key to accelerate and Z-key to brake and go reverse.

Rating: 3.62 [Rate]

Guest (29 October 2009):
did not work when i tried it
Guest (21 October 2009):
this game is dumb Wave
Guest (11 September 2009):
i like chocolate  Clap hands  Cool  Wave  Wink  Happy  @  Hmm...  Sad
Guest (11 September 2009):
who nows
Guest (11 September 2009):
is it good i
Guest (11 September 2009):
it looks cool Wink
Guest (13 July 2009):
so fun Happy  Wave  Clap hands
Guest (13 July 2009):
its asome as
Guest (24 June 2009):
great men i feel like not closing the game Clap hands
Guest (21 June 2009):

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