Super Race

The first intergalactic race for super heroes!

Rating: 3.76 [Rate]

SUPER RACE - Comments:
lozza (10 June 2012):
omg omg omg i hate the flippen game  Sad  Sad
lozza (10 June 2012):
i duno this game Hmm...
rita (19 November 2010):
dumd @
kiba_04 (11 April 2010):
its too long to start
topgun (10 December 2009):
george32724966 (12 August 2009):
i hate this game
Guest (6 July 2009):
its boring
garcia12 (22 May 2009):
it takes long long long long to start
Guest (6 April 2009):
i have not played this games get
Guest (11 February 2009):
The super race is a good game.
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